Dedicated faculty and staff

From the Principal’s Desk

Dear cadets,

It is indeed a privilege to be a part of this prestigious institution that has contributed many leaders to the maritime industry. I feel honoured to be a part of the team of esteemed faculty members and staff of an institution where many of my mentors have been groomed and started their maritime careers. Today, The Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies can boast of being one the finest training institutes in the country, always striving to be the best in its class.

Taking the mantle from the erstwhile Cadet Academy (T. S. Jawahar), which was founded in 1975, GEIMS has nurtured seafarers since 2006, who have gone ahead and made the country proud in all walks of the shipping industry. As the Principal of this institution, it is my privilege to welcome all of you to be a part of the GEIMS fraternity. I believe that as you graduate from here, you will all become ambassadors for our proud nation when you set sail across the seven oceans, calling upon numerous ports during your seafaring career.

With technology playing a big role in today’s merchant vessels, ships are highly sophisticated, and so are we. We are equipped with state-of-the-art simulators and infrastructure, giving you all a realistic training experience so that you can transition from shore to ship without any apprehensions. Digitisation will be a key enabler in the near future, and we will help you go through this transition smoothly by constantly upgrading our workshops, laboratories, and demo equipment.

Our experienced faculty members are among the best in the industry, possessing an apt blend of sea service and teaching experience. They reside on campus and are always available to our students beyond the classroom schedule, not only to clear their doubts, but also to mentor them towards a challenging career at sea.

At GEIMS, we strive to provide a student-centric environment that encourages academic growth along with social, physical, and emotional well-being to bring out the best in all our budding seafarers. We also encourage female cadets to pursue a career at sea, keeping in mind the importance of diversity in the maritime industry. We place a lot of emphasis on human factors, fostering a safety-first culture and respect for the environment, which will prepare you for the challenges you are likely to face at sea. Our teaching curricula are constantly evolving, keeping in mind the industry trends received from the floating staff of our own fleet of modern ships as well as feedback from our valued customers. Our continuous interaction with the industry to enhance training sets us apart from the rest.

The learning experience imparted by our experienced and dedicated faculty, along with proficient instructors, will offer you several opportunities to build a magnificent career at sea. I firmly believe that cadets today are our future maritime leaders. I am excited to lead a team of professionals to empower young talent with the right skill sets to pursue an illustrious maritime career.

Our vision is to make The Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies a global frontrunner in the field of maritime education. In this spirit, we will continue to chart our course towards maritime excellence. GEIMS eagerly looks forward to you, cadets, and all other stakeholders, to join us in realising our vision.

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Capt. Subroto Khan


  • Capt. Subroto Khan
  • Capt. Ravi Shankar
    Nautical Faculty
  • Capt. Anand N Moghe
    Head of Nautical
  • Capt. Nalin Mohan Khera
    MR & Nautical Faculty
  • Capt. Kiran Mohite
    Nautical Faculty
  • Mr. Milind Kulkarni
    Vice Principal and Head of Engineering
  • Mr. Narendra Katdare
    Engg. Faculty & Workshop Suptd
  • Mr. Satish Chandra Upadhyaya
    Engg. Faculty
  • Mr. Rohan Girase
    Engg Faculty
  • Mr. Dhirendra Singh Sengar
    Engg. Faculty
  • Mr. Sandip P. Kulkarni
    Engg. Faculty
  • Mr. Brajesh Singh
    Elec. Faculty
  • Mr. Shrikrishna P Singh
    Elec. Faculty
  • Mr. Pramod K. B. Pai
    Naval Architecture (Engg Faculty)
  • Mrs. Meena Ravi Shankar
    English Faculty


  • Mr. Suyog Joshi
    IT Administrator
  • Mr. Bhagyesh Arsul
    IT Assist & Computer Instructor
  • Mr. Ajay Dubey
    IT Assist & Computer Instructor
  • Mr. Chandrakant Mahajan
    Workshop Senior Supervisor
  • Mr. Pramod Vaishampayan
    Engg Supervisor
  • Mr. Shrikant Patil
    Workshop Assist - Fitter
  • Mr. Vikas M. Gaikwad
    Asst Supervisor
  • Mr. Raju Shinde
    Workshop Assist - Tunner
  • Mr. Nilesh Supe
    Elec Supervisor
  • Mr. Irfan Sayeed
    Electronic lab Assistant
  • Mr. Pramod Sawant
    Electronic lab Assistant
  • Mr. Ram Pukar Chaubey
    Fire Fighting Instructor
  • Mr. Muslim Hakim
    Warden/Seamanship Instructor
  • Mr. Awdhesh Singh Yadav
    PT Instructor
  • Mr. Ranjeet Singh
    Warden/Seamanship Instructor
  • Mr. Jaleshwar Yadav
    Warden/Seamanship Instructor
  • Mr. Abhijit Sanjay Desai
    Gym Trainer
  • Mr. Bhuri N. Singh
    PT Instructor
  • Mr. Kailash G. Jadhav
    Workshop Instructor
  • Mr. Deepak Kharatmal
    Workshop Instructor
  • Mr. Abdual Mullaji
    Seamanship Instructor
  • Mr. R K Singh
    Seamanship Instructor
  • Mr. Suryakant Kadu
    Workshop instructer

Visiting Faculty

  • Capt. Philip John
  • Mr. Mukund Joglekar
  • Mr. V. R. Khedkar
    Maths (Visiting Faculty)
  • Pallavi Kshirsagar
  • Dr. Nidhi Tatiya
    STCW Course
  • Mr. P. L. Saxena
    OCTCO Faculty
  • Ms. Namitta Date
    Life Skills
  • Mrs. Alka Nandi
    POSH / Gender Sensitization
  • Mrs. Pooja Gonte
  • Capt. Sanjeev Chopra
    STCW course


  • Ms. Deepa Bhide
    Assistant General Manager - Admin
  • Ms. Vaishnavi Narvekar
  • Mr. Zareer N. Gandhi
    Advisor - Cadet Placement
  • Mr. Gulshan Kumar Kondal
    Admin & Estate Manager
  • Mrs. Ruma Banerjee
    Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Mrs. Tasleem Herlekar
    Admin Assistant
  • Mrs. Neelam Shukla
    Admin Assistant
  • Mr. Atul Nhalve
    Admin Assistant
  • Mr. Sameer Kotia
  • Mr. Ashish Thakur
    HR Associate
  • Mrs. Ujwala Nalawade
  • Mr. Vighnesh Shinde
    Asst. Librarian